Laurie Zeszut

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Science of the Mind


August 29,2009
6 to 9 in the evening

Fine Art Enterprises
3100 Porter Street
Soquel, CA

Exuberant and vivid, the art of Laurie Zeszut captures first the eye and then the imagination. Perspective varies as objects freely careen across the surface.
The seemingly staid hints of animation; the conservative accents dance with new patterns and colors, breaking the confines of the expected and anticipated.

With work as inspired as that of Matisse or Picasso, it is surprising to find that Zeszut is actually a self-taught painter. Claiming that her style is the outcome of her need to work between the interruptions which are attendant to being a parent juggling
a career, the resultant paintings are spontaneous and confident.

Beginning with a chalk sketch on black paper, the artist next fills in the defined areas with imaginative and adventurous combinations of colors and designs. The components and architecture of the scenes are skewed with exaggerated perspective.

The excitement of Zeszut's work is captivating. One cannot help being cheered by the sprawling liveliness of the art presented. Earning accolades and award, the art of Laurie Zeszut is powerful yet friendly, brilliant but not harsh, and active while still relaxing.
The unique combinations of elements make Laurie Zeszut one of today's most exciting contemporary artists-sure to continue to catch the eye of collectors worldwide.

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